The Duo Perfetto has recently won the first Prize at the at the TIM Chamber Music Competition, an international music tournament held in Turin, where the finalists had first to pass a number of pre-selections which the committee had conducted in the preceding two years in several capital cities throughout the world.

The Duo was born out of the meeting of two performers very similar in musical terms but coming from two considerably different academic paths. 

It is indeed the similarity in musical intent and its heterogeneous origins that make the Duo so distinctive, with a repertoire whose compositional forms range from the purely classical to the more innovative, jazz-inspired influences.

Despite being formed only recently, the Duo has performed in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and the rest of the world. Only last October the Duo held concerts in Dresden, Bari, Rome and Berlin. 

Moreover, for the whole of 2017 the Duo will feature in music festivals throughout Europe, including France, Germany and Switzerland. 

Recently, the duo held a concert in Turin in support of the “Libera” Anti-Mafia Association, founded by Father Ciotti, at which an 1870 Steinway and Sons piano, built entirely from rosewood, was used.  Only two other such exemplars exist in the world, one of which is kept at the White House.

A year ago, the Duo took part in the opening of “Eurasia”, an event held in Cagliari in cooperation with the Hermitage Museum, that sealed the twinning between Cagliari and St. Petersburg before a delegation from the Russian city.  It also participated in the inauguration of Saint Antiochus, an itinerant Contemporary Art Exhibition starting from the Sardinian island of St. Antioco, with stopovers in Rome and New York.

The Duo has already released a compact disc. A second CD, nearing completion, has been recorded in part at the Forum Music Village in Rome (Ennio Morricone’s studios), and in part at the Fazioli concert hall. 

Finally, the Duo has been host to several radio and television programmes, the most noteworthy of which were broadcast by Italian National Radio 3: “Suite”, on 23 May 2016,  and “La Stanza della Musica”, on 28 October 2016. During the latter, the Duo performed live, following an interview with composer Francesco Antonioni.